About Us:

Frills and Shit is a podcast where we talk about Lolita fashion (and other shit). This is an idea that Becky has been toying with for a long time when she couldn't find any podcasts to listen to about Lolita fashion. When Akira agreed to co-host, Frills and Shit was born!

Akira: Lolita fashion and general J-fashion enthusiast for over 9+ years. Lived in both East and West coasts of the US and now residing in Japanland, just outside of Tokyo. Loves to dress in Angelic Pretty, go shopping, hanging out with friends, eat delicious food, and of course~ See Becky when she comes to visit! An English teacher during the week, lolita on weekends. Akira also has an indie brand called "Little Macaron", which will be back up in production very soon! Finally, Akira loves to also garden, bake, and craft random cute things~ watches some anime, and talk about Japanese boys. 

Becky: Becky has been dressing in Lolita fashion for about 10 years now. She's lived on both the East and West coasts of the US and is now residing in the middle of the Australian Outback. Becky loves to visit Tokyo and see her bestie Akira at least twice a year, catch up on what's new, and shop shop shop! Becky also loves to sew and do almost anything else crafty. She also spends her time watching anime and playing with her two Pomeranians and two cats.

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