Monday, 12 October 2015

Episode Seven: Catching Up… and shit

Our newest episode is finally up on SoundCloud! In this episode we do our best to get caught up on the month of news we've missed and other shit. Links below as usual so enjoy!

Also, give us your Rufflecon stories and pictures please!! Now that everyone is home and hopefully somewhat rested, let us know what you did, what you thought, what you bought, and maybe most importantly what you wore! 

Angelic Pretty:
♥ Year End Tea Party  (Link)
♥ Oomiya's Twitter  (Link)
♥ Tokyoten's Twitter  (Link)

Baby the Stars Shine Bright:
♥ New items for reservation  (Link)
♥ Happy Packs  (Link)

Innocent World:
♥ New items released  (Link)
♥ New items for reservation  (Link)

♥ Little Squirrel Series  (Link)
♥ Velveteen 2015 Series  (Link)

♥ New Mook available from QPot  (Link)

Halloween Happenings:
♥ QPot Cafe's new seasonal menu  (Link)
♥ Vamps Halloween Party 2015 (including colab items)  (Link)
♥ Masquerade Event  (Link)

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