Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Episode One: Summer Sales Mean Fall Predictions… and shit

Our first episode is live on SoundCloud! You can check it out by clicking here! Thanks for everyone's support with liking our Facebook page and encouraging us. My apologies for this episode premiering later than we had expected, but we're still learning so thank you for hanging in with us.

Below you can find some images and links to shit that we talked about in this week's episode!

Innocent World:
❤New print coming this September: "Fantasy Night Sky" (or Pegasus Graveyard) (Link)

Baby the Stars Shine Bright:
❤Limited Kumya Kumya Pouchette at International Stores (Link)
❤Attendance at WakuWaku NYC with fellow guest Putumayo (Link)
❤Fairy Tale Pop-Up Labyrinth Tea Party with special guest Dakota Rose (Link)

Metamorphose temps des filles
❤Online Summer Sale (Link)

Q-Pot and Q-Pot Cafe:
❤Sailor Moon Collaboration Items on sale 6/30 (Link)
❤Sailor Moon Special Menu will be available until 7/31 (Link)

Kira Imai will be a Guest of Honor at PMX this year (Link)

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