Monday, 6 July 2015

Episode Two: Crazy Releases and Crazy Prices… and shit

Thanks for tuning in again this week! Episode two of Frills and Shit is now available on SoundCloud HERE.

Both Akira and I were really grateful for everyone's positive feedback about the first episode so THANK YOU! This week we talk about some crazy releases from the past week, summer yukata trends and… other shit. Below you'll find some images and links to what we talked about in the show. Also with this episode, we premiered our new opening theme song compliments of Husband!

For those of you who are waiting for us to be listed on iTunes, we are too! We have submitted the show to the iTunes store, but it does take some time before we're actually listed. For now, I hope everyone will be patient along with us and continue to support us on SoundCloud.

Don't forget to leave us a comment or message here or on Facebook about your favorite indie Lolita designers so we can chat about them next week AND if you attended AnimeExpo this past weekend, share with us all your stories and photos!

Angelic Pretty:
❤ Disney Collaboration Release featuring "Tangled" (Link)
❤ New Gingham Release (Link)

Baby the Stars Shine Bright:
❤ Sugary Bouquet Series Release (Link)

❤ Daydreaming Goldfish (Link)

Yukata Links:

❤ Mamechiyo Modern (Octopus Yukata) (Link)
❤ Q-Pot (Link)
❤ Kumamiki (Link)
❤ Sweet Angel (Link)
❤ Kimono Yukata Market (Link)

And of course what I'm sure everyone is here to see… Meta Dude! (Click on the image to see the original size)

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