Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Episode Five: Fall is Coming… and shit

Starting with this episode and through September, episodes of Frills and Shit are going to be a bit shorter while Becky is on vacation to the USA. Hopefully adopting this shorter format will mean less delays. Also America has better internet than Australia! Here's the run down of links for this week's episode:

Angelic Pretty:
♥ 3 Way Backpack as a mook release in Japanese bookstores (Link)
♥ New prints seen in KERA and Gothic and Lolita Bible (see below)

Baby the Stars Shine Bright:
♥ New items for reservation including a fedora. (Link)

Innocent World:
♥ New Alice themed tights announced (Link)

♥ Royal Ornament series available now (Link)
♥ Metamorphose Gazette (Link)
♥ New Halloween series seen in Gothic and Lolita Bible (see below)

Click on each image for full-size. 

Lolita Hallows Eve 2015 in the Netherlands Event Page (Link)

Photos from the Harajuku Fashion Walk are available on the Japanese Streets page (Link)

And for those who missed it on our Facebook page, our friend Cat did a wardrobe tour with Akira for her YouTube channel!

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