Sunday, 27 September 2015

Episode Six: Vacations… and Shit

I wish I had a better excuse for this episode being so late, other than I've been on vacation, but I don't so apologies all around. Links below for everything we talked about as well as scans from Spoon #108 featuring the newest series from Angelic Pretty (click on the images for full sized images)!

Also please please please PLEASE let us know your stories from PMX, WakuWaku NYC or any other events that you've been too. If you have pictures, EVEN BETTER! We would love to share them or link to them!

Angelic Pretty:
♥ Outerwear is coming soon (Sorry, no link, it was only available in stores)
♥ End of the year tea party has been announced (Link
♥ Check out below for Spoon scans featuring Horror Garden, Dreamy Jewels, and Whip Jacquard 

Baby the Stars Shine Bright:
♥ New Reservations series up including Alice in the Starry Sky Wonderland, Pop Up Labyrinth, and more (Link

♥ New series, Witch in the Forest is now online (Link
♥ Re-release of Antique Bouquet (Link
♥ "Fantasy Wizard" cape, soon to be all the rage? (Link

Innocent World: 
♥ Ave Maria and The Rose and the Cross series online (Link


1 comment:

  1. My WakuWaku NYC thoughts:

    1. Tf were they thinking not allowing water on the first day? It was 85 degrees out. I didn't even know that they allowed it on the second day and ended up being dehydrated by the time I got home.
    2. There wasn't much I spent most of my time talking to the gals at Sweet Mildred bc I was so bored.
    3. Literally worst location. My feet still hurt.
    4. Staff was unhelpful. No one knew where the shuttle bus was???
    5. I still couldn't see that well during both fashion shows, I got a bad corner seat at the end for Putumayo. I couldn't see past everyone on the row in front of me at BTSSB bc lolshort.
    6. I wanted to have Kurebayashi to sign my checki but the autograph staff didn't allow it, it would've only taken a few seconds???

    I don't think I'll go again unless they bring in new brands.